Yes. PairMeUp is a matchmaking service that helps guide you through to meeting your date for lunch or dinner at a restaurant both parties agree upon. Getting to know your match over food is a classic tradition that facilitates conversation.
No. The matchmaking fee is to pay for the service of pairing you up with a date. All expenses for men come out of pocket.
This is not a common occurrence. However, in the off chance your date doesn’t show up, we’ll refund your matchmaking fee via site credit to use towards finding you that perfect pairing.
Despite our best efforts, not every match will be a perfect pairing. We do our best to ensure high quality and highly compatible matches but sometimes two people that seem perfect for one another on paper just don’t click. Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund for not hitting it off.
Matches are free to receive and browse. You are only charged the matchmaking fee once both parties have agreed to meet for lunch or dinner at a specified time and location.