No. PairMeUp is a free matchmaking service for women. Only male members pay a matchmaking fee.
Getting ready for a first date can be a costly and timely process. It’s very easy to spend around $100 while making sure you look your best. We don’t want the cost of getting ready to hinder the chances of you getting out there to find your perfect pairing. At PairMeUp it’s no risk and all reward. After we’ve confirmed your date has taken place, we’ll transfer the $100 date expenses reimbursement to your account, which you can then transfer to your PayPal.
We strongly suggest that the male party picks up the bill. However, this is something that can be decided amongst yourselves.
All you have to do is upload a selfie of the two of you on the date or a photo of the dinner receipt with both party’s signatures.
Yes. Just make sure you tell the person you were supposed to meet and also contact us to let us know.
We do not tolerate this type of behavior from our members as it is illegal to exchange money for sex. Let us know immediately so that we can take appropriate legal action against this member.